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Anders Claesson, Bjarki Ágúst Guðmundsson, Jay Pantone
Counting pop-stacked permutations in polynomial time
arXiv:1908.08910 (2019)
See also https://github.com/SuprDewd/pop-stacked-perms
Giulio Cerbai, Anders Claesson, Luca Ferrari
Stack sorting with restricted stacks
arXiv:1907.08142 (2019)
Anders Claesson, Bjarki Ágúst Guðmundsson
Enumerating permutations sortable by k passes through a pop-stack
Advances in Applied Mathematics 108 (2019) 79--96
Extended abstract appeared at FPSAC 2018
See also https://github.com/SuprDewd/popstacks
Anders Claesson
A species approach to Rota's twelvefold way
arXiv:1903.11580 (2019)
Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes, Sergey Kitaev, David Manlove, Kitty Meeks
Surveys in Combinatorics 2017
Cambridge University Press 440 (2017)
Christian Bean, Anders Claesson, Henning Úlfarsson
Enumerations of Permutations Simultaneously Avoiding a Vincular and a Covincular Pattern of Length 3
Journal of Integer Sequences 20 (2017)
Article 17.7.6
Anders Claesson, Bridget Eileen Tenner, Henning Úlfarsson
Coincidence among families of mesh patterns
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 63(1) (2015) 88--106
Michael Albert, M. D. Atkinson, Anders Claesson
Isomorphisms between pattern classes
Journal of Combinatorics 6 (2015) 3--17
Anders Claesson
Subword counting and the incidence algebra
arXiv:1502.03065 (2015)
Anders Claesson, Sergey Kitaev, Anna de Mier
An involution on bicubic maps and β(0,1)-trees
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 61(1) (2015) 1--18
Anders Claesson, Stuart A. Hannah
Decomposing labeled interval orders as pairs of permutations
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 21(4) (2014) P4.16
Anders Claesson, Sergey Kitaev, Einar Steingrímsson
An involution on β(1,0)-trees
Advances in Applied Mathematics 51 (2013) 276--284
Anders Claesson, Vít Jelínek, Einar Steingrímsson
Upper bounds for the Stanley-Wilf limit of 1324 and other layered patterns
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 119(8) (2012) 1680--1691
Anders Claesson, Henning Úlfarsson
Sorting and preimages of pattern classes
DMTCS Proceedings, 24th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics (FPSAC 2012) (2012)
Anders Claesson, Svante Linusson
n! matchings, n! posets
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 139 (2011) 435--449
Anders Claesson, Vít Jelínek, Eva Jelínková, Sergey Kitaev
Pattern avoidance in partial permutations
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 18(1) (2011) P25
Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes, Martina Kubitzke
Partition and composition matrices
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 118(5) (2011) 1624--1637
Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes, Sergey Kitaev
A direct encoding of Stoimenow's matchings as ascent sequences
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 49 (2011) 47--59
Petter Brändén, Anders Claesson
Mesh patterns and the expansion of permutation statistics as sums of permutation patterns
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 18(2) (2011)
Michael Albert, M. D. Atkinson, Mathilde Bouvel, Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes
On the inverse image of pattern classes under bubble sort
Journal of Combinatorics 2(2) (2011) 231--243
Anders Claesson, Sergey Kitaev, Kari Ragnarsson, Bridget Eileen Tenner
Boolean complexes for Ferrers graphs
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 48 (2010) 159--173
Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes, Einar Steingrímsson
Permutations sortable by n-4 passes through a stack
Annals of Combinatorics 14 (2010) 45--51
Fan Chung, Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes, Ronald Graham
Descent polynomials for permutations with bounded drop size
European Journal of Combinatorics 31 (2010) 1853--1867
Extended abstract appeared at FPSAC 2010
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes, Sergey Kitaev
(2+2)-free posets, ascent sequences and pattern avoiding permutations
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 117 (2010) 884--909
Extended abstract appeared at FPSAC 2009
Anders Claesson, Sergey Kitaev, Einar Steingrímsson
Decompositions and statistics for β(1,0)-trees and nonseparable permutations
Advances in Applied Mathematics 42 (2009) 313--328
Anders Claesson, Sergey Kitaev
Classification of bijections between 321- and 132-avoiding permutations
Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire B60d (2008) 30pp
Extended abstract appeared at FPSAC 2008
Anders Claesson, T. Kyle Petersen
Conway's napkin problem
American Mathematical Monthly 114 (2007) 217--231
Anders Claesson, Toufik Mansour
Enumerating permutations avoiding a pair of Babson-Steingrímsson patterns
Ars Combinatoria 77 (2005) 17--31
Anders Claesson
Counting segmented permutations using bicoloured Dyck paths
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 12 (2005)
Anders Claesson, Chris D. Godsil, David G. Wagner
A Permutation Group Determined by an Ordered Set
Discrete Mathematics 269 (2003) 273--279
Anders Claesson, Toufik Mansour
Counting Occurrences of a Pattern of Type (1,2) or (2,1) in Permutations
Advances in Applied Mathematics 29 (2002) 293--310
Petter Brändén, Anders Claesson, Einar Steingrímsson
Catalan Continued Fractions and Increasing Subsequences in Permutations
Discrete Mathematics 258 (2002) 275--287
Anders Claesson
Generalized Pattern Avoidance
European Journal of Combinatorics 22 (2001) 961--971