HOPSHOPS - Handy Operations on Power Series

HOPS is a small domain specific language for working with power series and integer sequences. It comes with an interpreter and command line program called hops.

For instance, we can generate the sequence of Catalan numbers from its generating function, a functional equation, or an explicit formula for the n-th term:

$ hops --prec=11 '2/(1+sqrt(1-4*x))'
$ hops --prec=11 'C=1+x*C^2'
$ hops --prec=11 '{(2*n)!/(n!*(n+1)!)}'

See the documentation section below for more.


Using the nix package manager:

$ nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -iA haskellPackages.hops

Or using cabal:

$ cabal update && cabal install hops



How to cite

  author = "Anders Claesson",
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This project is licensed under a BSD license.